2018 Summer Conference – CLE credit is no longer available for this course

Seminar Materials Are Available Here (NOTE: This course is no longer valid for MCLE credit)


Regulating Game Rooms and Poker Rooms
Curtis Howard and Michelle D’Andrea, City of Plano
(.5 hour)
Hot Issues in Zoning: Tiny Houses, Shipping Containers, and RVs
Leonard Schneider, Liles Parker, Kingwood
(.75 hour)
  Navigating the New Annexation Requirements
Scott Houston, Texas Municipal League, Austin
(.5 hour)
  When Can My City Delete a Facebook Comment?
Heather Lockhart, City of Austin
(.5 hour)
Updating Your Right of Way Ordinance
Denise Cheney and Kelli Fuqua, Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta, Austin
(.75 hour)
  Hot Topics in Municipal Finance
Derrick Mitchell, Bracewell, Houston
(.5 hour)
Employment Law Update
Sheila Gladstone and Ashley Thomas, Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, Austin
(.75 hour)
  Recent State Cases of Interest to Cities
Laura Mueller, Bojorquez Law Firm, Austin
(1 hour)
  Top 5 (or so) Home Rule Charter Issues
Charles E. Zech, Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech, San Antonio
(.5 hour)
  Avoiding Procurement and Purchasing Mistakes: Recent Case Law and Practitioner’s Tips
Jeff Chapman, The Chapman Firm, Austin
(.5 hour)
  Suing the Code Enforcement Scofflaw
Ron Stutes, Potter Minton, Tyler
(.5 hour)
  Hot Topics in Election Law
Christina Adkins, Secretary of State’s Office, Austin
(.5 hour)
  Mapping and Navigating the Path Forward on Automated and Connected Vehicles: A Road Trip Through Preemption to Code Considerations for Safe Deployment
Gregory Rodriguez, Best Best & Krieger, Washington, D.C.
David Johnson, City of Arlington
Thomas Bamonte, North Central Texas Council of Governments
(.75 hour)
  Purchasing Property for Groundwater Supply Development
Theresa James, City of San Angelo
Jason Hill, JT Hill & Co., Austin
(.5 hour)
  Texas Competitive Low Income Housing Tax Credits
Dean Roggia, City of Irving
(.5 hour)
Of Brewpubs and Breweries, Growlers, and Crowlers: Craft Brewing and Distilling and the Texas Municipality
David Ritter, Brown & Hofmeister, Richardson
(.5 hour)
Integrating the Morton Act and Colorado County v. Staff into Law Enforcement Disciplinary Practices
Georg Hyde, Russell Rodriguez Hyde Bullock, Georgetown
(.75 ethics hour)
  How High’s the Water? Public Entity Flood Litigation and Liability in Texas
Jose de la Fuente and James Parker, Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, Austin
(.5 hour)
  Animals in the City – from Ordinances to Enforcement
Bianca Bentzin and Leela Fireside, City of Austin
Jonathan Koury, City of Bryan
(.75 hour)
Common Municipal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Issues
Miles Risley, City of Corpus Christi
(.5 hour)
  Drafting a Municipal Code of Ethics
Alan Bojorquez, Bojorquez Law Firm, Austin
(1 ethics hour)