Summer Conference, June 17 – 19, 2015 – CLE credit is no longer available for this conference

 526899849_295x166 Federal Environmental Rules Update (1 hour)
Shawn Hagerty, Best Best & Kreiger, Washington, D.C.
 526899972_295x166 Service Animals and City Facilities (.5 hour)
Mick McKamie, McKamie Krueger, San Antonio
 526900324_295x166 Substandard Structures Update (.5 hour)
Janet Spugnardi, City of Irving
 526826445_295x166 State Utility Issues Update (.5 hour)
Thomas Brocato and Georgia Crump, Lloyd Gosselink, Austin
526812326_295x166 Municipal Environmental Enforcement (.5 hour)
Daniel Ray, Scott and Ray, Greenville
 526805990_295x166 Recent Federal Cases of Interest to Cities (.75 hour)
Randy Montgomery, D. Randall Montgomery and Associates, Dallas
 526806388_295x166 Recent State Cases of Interest to Cities  (.75 hour)
Laura Mueller, Texas Municipal League, Austin
 526806609_295x166 Officer Involved Shootings: Shades of Gray (.5 hour)
Jack Smith, City Attorney, Orange
 526806780_295x166 Early Dismissal Options in Municipal Litigation (.5 hour)
Kurt Banowsky and Matt Durham, Assistant City Attorneys, Garland
 526904674_295x166 Employment Law Update (1 hour)
Sheila Gladstone, Lloyd Gosselink, Austin
 526768653_295x166 Neighborhood Empowerment Zones (.5 hour)
Meredith Ladd, City Attorney, Carrollton
 526768274_295x166 Ethics – Conflict Issues for City Attorneys (.5 hour)
Art Pertile, Olson and Olson, Houston
 526765628_295x166 Criminalized Information Flow (.5 hour)
Miles Risley, City Attorney, Corpus Christi
 526756671_295x166 Police Officer Terminations – F5 Issues and More (.75 hour)
Slater Elza, The Underwood Law Firm, Amarillo
 526751553_295x166 Working Through Contractor Default: Tips and Tools from Lessons Learned on Tough Projects (.75 hour)
Jeff Chapman, The Chapman Firm, Austin
 Ethics – The Opportunity of Service for Lawyers Ethics – The Opportunity of Service for Lawyers (.5 hour)
Ebb Grindstaff, City Attorney, Ballinger
 egulation of Wireless Towers Regulation of Wireless Towers  (.5 hour)
Ashley Dierker, Taylor, Olson, Adkins, Sralla and Elam, Fort Worth